Sound Therapy

Posted by: Michelle Graff, LCSW, Clinical Director |

Date: November 10, 2018
Time: 11:00 am  to  12:30 am
TibetanTones® Sonic Wave Meditations are designed for various outcomes, basically, to inspire and rejuvenate the Body Mind and Spirit. This is a whole new concept in achieving health and well being. The power of sound as waves of harmonics, microtones and pure tones administered in a process designed for a predictable positive outcome. 
The class will be led by Elaine Mackle, Director of Sonic Wellness Institute. It will have breathing exercises, a Sonic Wave Journey session and a brief introduction to the world of vibrational sound therapy, methods for initiating deep relaxation for peace and harmony.
Please RSVP to Michelle Graff, LCSW, Clinical Director,
at 516-274-0540 or to reserve a spot.