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When I lost my child in a car accident, I was completely disoriented and didn't know how I could go on living. I became involved in COPE and received the support I needed to gradually regain my spirit and to continue to move forward in my life.  L.J.


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Typical Responses of Siblings

This is taken from a brochure written by Marcia G. Scherago, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., published by Medic Publishing, and distributed by the Centering Corporation.

Certain responses to the death of a brother or sister are common.  Being aware of these responses will help you to be sympathetic and perhaps also will help the child work through his or her feelings.

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The response of denial
The response of sadness.
The response of anxiety.
The response of bodily distress and behavior problems.
The response of anger and blame.
The response of guilt.
The response of depression.
The response of misbehavior.
The response of indifference.
The response of fear.

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